"The Kids Hangout Club is an excellent program. It is one of the most well run, well structured, and engaging tween programs that I have seen, heard, and experienced to date. My son loved and refused to miss his Friday Kids Hangout sessions. He made new friends and was able to learn and participate in the discussion with the group. The members and instructor were very respectful of each other. The weekly topics were always fresh and interesting, expanding each member's content knowledge of international pop culture to politics to robotics. The members were always engaged throughout the whole session. It was a really fun and educational program that even parents wanted to join in!

Given the technicality of real time online program, one really has to appreciate the amount of effort, preparation, and background work done behind the scene that had ensured how smoothly each session ran. Truly an excellent program!" 

- Parent Of Happy Participant Since Summer 2020

"My autistic son loves Kid's Hangout Club. He struggles with interacting and socializing with peers and the virtual sessions are a low-pressure environment. He looks forward to the weekly sessions and enjoys participating in the conversations."

- A Thankful Dad

"For the past 4 years (including covid), our now 13 year old daughter has been attending and eagerly participating in the weekly activities with Khc.

She has high functioning autism and other mental health issues and khc has allowed her to fully engage in the group without fear of failure or anxiety around social situations. She has really grown in her ability to converse by sharing her opinions and allowing others to freely speak their mind. She has learned empathy and self-acceptance. She has developed a keen sense of humor because of the open and welcoming environment cultivated by Supie and her team at Khc.

Our daughter has found her tribe!  She has been accepted into a kind, loving and neurodiverse family of like-minded friends with shared experiences and hopes and dreams! We highly recommend Khc to all future friends!" 🧡 

- Parents of two neurodiverse children ages 13 and 21

Both are happy and thriving!

“What I liked about Supie’s Kids Hangout Club is that we always do something fun in our weekly meeting. I can meet new friends and talk to them. Anyone is welcome to the group.  Attending the group can help me to improve my social skills.  I highly recommend it!”

- A Happy KHC Participant

“Our child has been participating in the Kids Hangout Cub since its inception. Comparing KHC to many teens programs that our child has participated, and there are many, we feel that the Kids Hangout Club is a very well run social program for teens.  It is packed full of fun and appropriate educational content that the staffs carefully researched and prepared to present to the teens each week. The topics are often very interesting and dynamic, ranging from personal interests to life skills to pop-culture. 

What also appeals to us is the small group size that the club offers.  It is definitely more intimate and allows the teens to open up, get to know each other, and make new friends.  

Addition to these, is the social emotional support that the KHC Club offers our teens. Teens respect and support each other. They take turns expressing themselves and their opinions during the discussion. They participate in show-and-tell. ...All of this while overcoming their individual challenges in a safe space.  

Even to date, our child still looks forward to the weekly KHC club meeting, and would often rush us home to be on time for this online social club. The Kids Hangout Club is truly a special and a remarkable program.”

- An Appreciative Mom

"My daughter really enjoyed being on Kids Hangout and had been on it every season.  It’s been great to be able interact with other kids right at home.  Thank you, KHC staff!"

- A Very Happy Parent

During Covid Times, thanks to Kids Hangout Club, my daughter found a wonderful space where she can interact with peers and build friendships. The club also offered educational videos that kept kids engaged and entertained. Kids Hangout Club has been a source of joy and learning experience for my daughter.

- A Thankful Mom