to our Kids Hangout Club

where kids can hang out, meet new friends, and have fun together!

Kids Hangout Club is pioneered and run by two amazing high school student leaders, Rianne Supie Mohammed (Supie Mohammed) and Alexia Westwood, who want to create a safe space for kids to hang out, meet new friends and have fun together! Since the summer of 2020, this social group has received much wonderful feedback on helping kids engaging in learning and having fun with friends, from both the kids and their parents!

Kids Hangout Club creates an unique and effective peer-to-peer video-learning model that uses carefully pre-selected interesting and educational videos to spark conversations, inspire creativity, encourage questions, and motivate kids. This unique and effective model brings the kids together and improves the social conversation skills while exploring the world in a fun and exciting way with their peers!

All Zoom camps and school year weekly Zoom meetup programs are supervised by Anita Yu, a PEERS certified volunteer, and they are free!

Meet our Supervisor, Teen Hosts and Volunteers!

Anita Yu

Co-founder, PEERS certified supervisor

Rianne Supie Mohammed
(Supie Mohammed)

Teen co-founder, PEERS certified co-host, volunteer

Alexia Westwood

Teen co-founder, co-host, volunteer

Leo Kuo

Teen co-host, volunteer

Parker Magpayo

Teen co-host, volunteer

Avery Magpayo

Teen volunteer

Anagha Namburi

Teen volunteer

Michelle Lo

Teen volunteer

Alaina Yung

Teen volunteer

Tanya Nair

Teen volunteer

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